Welcome to the Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders website. Here you will find information on the Palomino breed (affectionately termed 'Pals') and the organization promoting this versatile breed.

The Palomino is a medium-sized commercial breed with ideal weights ranging from
9 to 10 lbs. They are well-suited for show and exhibition. Originally dubbed the "Washingtonian" by the breed's developer - Mark Youngs of Coulee Dam, Washington State, Pals were first presented in 1952 at the ARBA National Convention held in Portland, Oregon. At that time suggestions were taken for a better moniker to apply to this developing breed and 'Palomino' was adopted as the official designation. After much hard work and dedication, the Palomino was officially recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. in 1957. (A more comprehensive history of the Palomino breed can be accessed on the 'History' page of this website.)

There are two beautiful varieties accepted in Pals today: Golden and Lynx. The breed is known for its hardiness, excellent production qualities, and rapid growth. It is a breed equally suited for either meat production or exhibition.

Golden PalominoLynx Palominos

We invite and encourage local, state, and regional ARBA affiliated rabbit clubs to join with us in promoting Pals in your area by sanctioning this beautiful and utilitarian breed at your next show! Download the official PRCBA Sanction Request and Show Report forms!


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The Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association, established in 1955, is the official breed specialty club promoting this All-American breed. The goal of our organization has been to foster a spirit of cooperation and an interest in the success of 'Pals' and those individuals who have an interest in raising our wonderful breed. The name - 'Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders' exemplifies this committment with the handshake featured in our emblem as an illustration of this ethic.

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