Jim Hunter at the 2010 ARBA Convention in Minneapolis, MN

A Palomino sweepstakes system stimulates interest and competition among Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders on a nation-wide basis. A member is granted points for Best in Show, Runner-up Best in Show, Best 6 Class, Best of Group 50, Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex, Best of Variety, Best Opposite of Variety and First through Fifth place in class, as well as Fur class points (counted separately). 2015-16 FINAL SWEEPS standings are available below...

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The total number of points earned by each member at PRCBA sanctioned shows during the year is tabulated by the National Sweepstakes Chairman. The Sweepstakes Contest runs from July 1 to June 30. Separate contests are conducted for Open and Youth members. Awards for the top 5 points winners for the Sweepstakes Contest, First place in Fur and Palomino of the Year, are coordinated by the PRCBA Secretary and the Show Committee. PRCBA members are encouraged to access and read the PRCBA Sweepstakes Rules.

In addition to the Sweepstakes Contest, the PRCBA conducts additional contests that also run from July 1 to June 30 of each year. These contests are...

Palomino of the Year   |   Membership Contest   |   Registration Contest

A contest for Palomino of the Year for both Open and for Youth is held each year, coinciding with the PRCBA Sweepstakes. The winners will be determined from rabbit ear numbers contained in show reports submitted to the Palomino Sweepstakes Recorder.

The winner will be based upon BOB, BOS, Best 6 Class &/or Runner up, and BIS wins as follows:

  • BOB gets 2 points times the number of Pals shows
  • BOS gets 1 point times the number of Pals shows in that sex
  • Best 6 Class &/or Runner up and Best of Group will receive an additional 10 points, and BIS receives an additional 20 points (above the amount obtained for BOB plus Best 6 Class)

In order to count, the show must be sanctioned with the ARBA and the National Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association, and there must be at least 5 Pals shown with 3 exhibitors. The final tally and records will be kept by the official Palomino Sweepstakes Recorder.

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Two contests will be held coinciding with the Sweepstakes year for the PRCBA members (Adult and Youth) recommending the most new members during the year. Standings will be maintained and determined by the Secretary. Each winner will be given a year's free single membership.

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Two contests will be held coinciding with the Sweepstakes year for the Pal members (Adult and Youth) who have the most Palomino Rabbits registered during the year. A facsimile copy of the Registration Form must be furnished to the Secretary, who will maintain the record and determine the winners. Members will have until August 15th of each year, to submit registrations that were made before June 30 and the end of the contest/sweepstakes year. Each winner will be given a year's free single membership.

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