PRCBA Online Sanction Request

This form allows up to 4 (four) unique shows of each sanction type (Open & Youth - each with separate ARBA Sanction number), as long as the following information is the SAME for each show:

  1. Shows are held on the SAME Day.
  2. Shows are held in the SAME City and State.
  3. The shows are sponsored by the SAME Club.
  4. Shows are administered by the SAME Show Secretary.

If ANY of the above information is different, you must submit a separate request for that show or shows. The PRCBA will accept sanction requests no less than 15 DAYS before a show date, with 30 days being preferred. PayPal payments MUST be confirmed prior to a sanction being issued. (Note: A 6.25% fee identified as tax, is included in the sanction fee to cover PayPal transaction fees. For those who prefer to mail-in their sanction request, you may download the PDF file.) A FREE Youth sanction is included with every paid Open sanction!

IMPORTANT! Show Results MUST be received no later than 30 days AFTER the show!!


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